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(...), both artists presented an extraordinary game, full of passion and element. Aleksandra Owczarek extracted alternately hellish and heavenly sounds from the violin, used plastic timbre, and was able to differentiate color and dynamics. There was the non-obviousness of nature and the beauty of nature in this game. At one point I had the impression that the Shepherd was imitating the singing of birds, the rustling of trees or an approaching storm with his violin. She also beautifully used the pizzicato technique, which involves setting the string of a string instrument in motion by plucking it with a finger.

Klaudia Łoboda complemented this image with a beautiful harpsichord accompaniment, but she was also able to show its strange sounds. In her playing, I could hear the sounds of urban reality; sometimes it seemed to me that the harpsichord under her fingers sounded like the sound of breaking glass.

In the artists' presentation, both instruments talked to each other and sang. Both painted, using baroque works, nostalgic and lazy images, certain of spleen, apathy and blues, but also of hope.

Tomasz Pasternak,

Owczarek Łoboda Duo is a captivating, surprising band offering a full musical experience. Artists specializing in historical performance do not shy away from bold performance solutions that give a unique character and dynamics both to the musical layer of the repertoire they perform, but also to the visual side of the concert. The concert events they create are simply a lot of pleasure from listening and the feeling of a wonderful time spent.

Anna Proszowska-Sala, artistic career coach

Owczarek|Łoboda Duo is a band focusing on 17th century music, performing it on copies of historical instruments. The artists are extremely proficient in playing their instruments, and their interpretations are both thoughtful and very personal. Thrilling, expressive performances show the musicians' deep passion for the baroque repertoire. Great contrasts, lyricism and danceability are an integral part of their interpretation. The band is not afraid to look for new solutions, boldly exploring alternative concert venues and presenting baroque music to a wider audience. This is a team worth following!

Katarzyna Czubek, Young Early Music

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